We Go To Dream

We Go To Dream - Astrid Williamson

Astrid Williamson • 2015

LP • CD • DL

One Little Indian

We Go To Dream - Astrid Williamson
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We Go To Dream
Loaded Like A Gun
Hide In Your Heart
Say Goodbye
My Beautiful Muse
Saint Saviour

Whilst working as a session musician for Dead Can Dance during their year long world tour in 2012/13. Williamson met electronic artist, James Orr and asked him to produce We Go To Dream. James worked as Lisa Gerrard‘s recording engineer and much of the album was recorded in Gerrard’s studio in Victoria.

The songs Ambienza and Hide In Your Heart began as instrumental tracks written by James Orr to which Astrid added vocal lines and lyrics.

The version of Scattered which appears on WGTD is the demo version which was recorded in Brighton in 2010.

Thom Undrell created the artwork for WGTD, also taking the photographs which appears on its cover.

Producer:  James Orr