Glorious - Goya Dress

Goya Dress • 1996

CD • 12"


Glorious - Goya Dress
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Dusted Down
20th Century Box
Glorious (Piano Version)

The first single to be taken from the bands only full album release, Rooms. The original track was much longer than the edited version which appears on Rooms. The only version of the song in it’s entirety was an acoustic piano and guitar version performed by Astrid and Terry appearing on this single. Glorious was the track which initially attracted John Cale to want to produce the band.

The lead track was produced by John Cale and recorded and mixed by Martin Brass at Battery Studios in London in the summer of 1995. The string players were James Banbury & Abigail Trundle (cello), Teresa Whipple (viola), Marcus Broome (violin). The sleeve art was designed by Andy Vella. Tristan Norwell produced and mixed b-sides Dusted Down, 20th Century Box, Glorious piano version.

Terry de Castro wrote the lyrics for and performed the lead vocal on 20th Century Box.

The video for Glorious was shot in a disused mental asylum in North London in the wintertime. The 12″ version appeared on red vinyl.