Day of the Lone Wolf

Day of the Lone Wolf - Astrid Williamson

Astrid Williamson • 2006


One Little Indian

Day of the Lone Wolf - Astrid Williamson
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Superman 2
True Romance
Another Twisted Thing
Forgive Me
Only Heaven Knows (Hidden Track)
Work This Hour (USA Bonus Track)

Day of The Lone Wolf was recorded at Church Road Studios, Hove, with Paul Pascoe engineering and mixing the album. The album was mastered at Abbey Road.

Using real piano, strings and drums Day Of The Lone Wolf is a more sonically comprehensive album than it’s predecessor.

Simon Pearson performs on all tracks, excepting True Romance and Reach which were performed by Chris Parsons, who would later along with Richard Yale (bass), Dan Burke (guitars, keyboards and backing vocals) and Mark Treffel (keyboards) constitute the touring band for Day Of The Lone Wolf.

Ruth Gottlieb performs Violin and Viola and Sarah Wilson performs Cello.

Finding the business of running an independent label and creating the music to be rereleased overwhelming (and lonely) Astrid licensed Day Of The Lone Wolf to Derek Birkett of One Little Indian Records who had always been a fan of her music originally having offered Goya Dress a deal back in 1994.

The title of the album comes from the book ‘The Secret Language Of Birthdays’ where 28th November (Williamson’s own birthday) is called The Day of the Lone Wolf.

Gustav Holst’s Planet Suite was inspired by his interest in astrology, which he called his ‘pet vice’.

William Blake is Astrid’s astro-twin.

Producer:  Astrid Williamson

Drums:  Simon Pearson

Drums, Percussion:  Christian Parsons

Bass:  Richard Yale

Electric Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals:  Dan Burke

Piano, Wurlitzer, Synths, Guitars, Vocals:  Astrid Williamson

Violin:  Ruth Gottlieb

Cello:  Sarah Wilson