Boy For You

Boy For You - Astrid Williamson

Astrid Williamson • 1998



Boy For You - Astrid Williamson
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I Am The Boy For You
Everybody's Waiting
What Do You...
World At Your Feet
Sing For Me
If I Loved You
Say What You Mean
If You See The Man (Hidden Track)

Boy For You was recorded in New Orleans in October/ November of 1997 at Malcolm Burn’s Clouet Street studio. Burn had previously worked with Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno on albums including Peter Gabriel’s ‘Us’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Oh Mercy’.

Although intended as the second Goya Dress album with Terry and Simon performing on all the tracks, in the end, due to label pressure, the album was released under Astrid’s own name, effectively marking the untimely end of Goya Dress’s career.

‘World At Your Feet’ was edited radically and the original version is lost, although Williamson did record a version later.

On the track ‘Someone’ the thunder storm is real and the dog barking in the background was Burn’s pet Alsatian, Vicky.

The album was recorded on ADAT. It was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in NYC.

If I Loved You appeared in the Bill Forsyth film, Gregory’s Two Girls, and singer-songwriter Abra Moore performed a cover version which appeared in the movie Serving Sara under the title ‘Someone Else’s Mess’

Producer:  Malcolm Burn