Bedroom Cinema

Bedroom Cinema - Goya Dress

Goya Dress • 1995

CD • 12"


Bedroom Cinema - Goya Dress
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If I Know
Strange Death
King Thong

EP Bedroom Cinema was released on Nude records on 10th April 1995. Produced and mixed by Tristin Norwell and Simon Sheridan at Brittania Row studios in London. Tristin worked with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and the 12 string guitar which appears on ‘Strangedeath’ was one of Dave’s and was recorded at his Seven Dials studios in Covent Garden.

The lead track ‘If I know’ was mixed by Mark Freegard who had lately recorded and mixed ‘Cannonball’ by The Breeders.

Originally on tracks King Thong and Strangedeath Astrid and Terry had recorded the vocals and guitars in Astrid’s kitchen on a four track recorder using her Roland JC 120 amp to add effects to the vocals, then adding Simon’s drums. These constituted the demos that essentially secured the bands record deal with Nude records in 1994.

The cover artwork for the EP features the photograph ‘Fatty Arbuckle’s bedroom’ taken from the book “Hollywood Babylon” by Kenneth Anger. The sleeve art was designed by Andy Vella.