The Stars Are Beautiful

Astrid Williamson · 2009

© 2009 Astrid Williamson/Incarnation · All rights reserved

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I know happiness
But it doesn’t know me very well so far
But the stars are beautiful
They always make me feel so young
And if I could choose
I’m not sure which I’d lose

Night or day you’re still the one
So I’d have to choose the day and sun
‘Cause the twinkling cloak of the moon and stars
And the night just makes
Me feel super human a hopeless romantic I might
Wander ‘round to where you live
And gently knock upon your door
In the hope that you’ll say
That you were dreaming of me anyway, but
The stars are so beautiful
Look so beautiful
Yes the star are so beautiful
They’re so beautiful tonight
I know happiness
And it knows where I’ll be
i’ll be waiting
Yes I’ll be waiting
I’ll ne waiting for me and you
Look so beautiful
You’re so beautiful
And the stars are so beautiful
They’re so