Astrid Williamson · 2006

© 2006 Astrid Williamson/Incarnation · All rights reserved

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Who says it’s easy
Who says it’s easy
To say it’s wise

Oh, Siamese
Float over sieze me
Reveal, relieve me
D’you still want to try
To try, oh
Siamese, ah

You know I love you
And I text I still love you
But without the smile
And you go
Shhh, you go shhh
You only go
Shhh, you go

Push and pull you never fool me
‘Cause you can never lie you’re cruel
Take me down and make me helpless
But I don’t even try to resist this
Even now I can’t renounce you
But everyone I know denounces
You and me, are

My computer finds you
Computers can find anything
And my favourites they’re all you
I should let you go