Only Heaven Knows

Astrid Williamson · 2006

© 2006 Astrid Williamson/Incarnation · All rights reserved

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You’re picture perfect in every way
Someone should paint you for the eye of the world to see
And here’s a tiny chink in my armour
But how it widens daily, oh
I’m so afraid that you’ll never know

You come like so much happy news
To make me breath more quickly
To make me make you my muse
With you my whole world feels much armed
The most tremendous love I feel
Is it any wonder
I never want to be
Far from you

Exquisite extraordinary days
I could never tire of the lines on your face
Holy holy I can’t help myself
I’d be strung up if the good Lord knew
How completely I have come
To depend on you
How I have so c one to depend on you

Sometimes your beauty suffocates me
But i would gladly die in repose
Where this will need only heaven knows
Where this will end only heaven knows