Astrid Williamson · 1995

© 1995 Astrid Williamson/Incarnation · All rights reserved

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I warned you
I warned you

I walk beside you
Trying to guess your next step
There’s more to your walk
Than I’ll ever see
We run in radius
Circles are too big for our
Own heads to handle
I’m running by myself

Oh cut my head off
There’s a single vulture here
It’s spinning round you
Fixing you for dead
It waits it’s tempted
Cruising for the love of those
Ten good words
That drop out of your mouth

And I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this was a joke
I couldn’t hold my head up high
Against the scene in this room
Funny how a Venus ripped you free
Pulling back the bondage you’re jinxed for me

You watch me carefully
I remember all those films
You took they’re hidden now
And I don’t care at all
Caught up in celluloid
Glittering like good jewels do
10,000 fractures flicker back at me

Once is good, good enough good for me
Hanging Saints silver-eyed
Ache for free
Hidden sins arching round
Keep me on my toes
Dare me down with a sway
Watch me in your throws
Watch me in your throws
Hold me in your throws
Hold me in your throws
Hold me in your throws
Hold me in your throws
Hold me