I Am The Boy For You

Astrid Williamson · 1998

© 1998 Astrid Williamson/Incarnation · All rights reserved

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Cocaine and chocolate wont keep you alive
But they might fill you up
When you feel deprived
Stella oh Stella you need my umbrella
So I’ll be your shield while you’re slaying the field

And I only wanted to fill you up just to thrill you up
‘Cause I notice the things you like
I only wanted to give you back
All the love you lack
You’d be touched but it’s innocent
Sit on this wall with me
I have some tricks to see
We’ll find a voice for you
I am the boy our you

You have a dancer’s heart
I have a chancer’s art
We have a dancer’s chance
We do a chancer’s dance
I keep a chair for you
Empty and spare for you
I keep a day for you
Holy to pray for you

And I was describing the sight of you
In Rococo blue
To my friend the protector
And he was designing a room for you
With and urban view
He is a collector

Why wont you smile for me
Once in as while for me
You shouldn’t toy with me
I am your boy you see