Requiem & Gallipoli

Requiem & Gallipoli - Astrid Williamson

2015 · Full Orchestra, Organ, SATB

LP • CD • DL - One Little Indian - 2015

Requiem & Gallipoli - Astrid Williamson
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Having always written the musical arrangements for Goya Dress and subsequent solo albums and studying piano and composition at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire with Judith Weir in 2015 Williamson completed her first classical work, Requiem & Gallipoli.

The reference to Gallipoli was in part due to the fact that the piece was finished around the time of the hundred years anniversary of the first world war battle, but also in recognition of her on going connections with Australia.

The Sanctus was written in 2002.

Requiem & Gallipoli’s midi transcription was done by film composer and arranger Nathan Klein  and the full orchestral scores are available for download.

In 2015 a vocal performance (using backing tracks as accompaniment) of Requiem & Gallipoli was performed at All Saints’ Church, Hessle, East Yorkshire, as part of a D-Day remembrance event raising funds for a local Hull veterans’ charity, as well as to raise awareness for Operation Warrior Wellness, a process to address post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans using transcendental mediation in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation.